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Heavy vehicle visibility tape helps to create a safe environment for everyone on the road. It helps make road objects such as road signs, posts, barriers, and non-illuminated vehicles visible at night. This has helped to significantly decrease accidents on the road.

Australia follows the UK and European Union with UN ECE R104 and USA FMVSS 108 for Heavy Vehicle Visibility tape for its safety on the road.

Liberty Signs is renowned for providing security to your vehicles by using reflective safety tape for vehicles as per the Australian legislation based on ADR 13/00, which is in consistent with the current lighting requirement of the vehicles running on the road during night time.


Our Road Safety Mechanisms

We are a reputed reflective signage service provider for the safety of your large commercial vehicles, like trucks and tractor trailers. Our main objective is to provide safety to your vehicle along with our quality vehicle signage solutions.

We provide contour markings on heavy vehicles with red or red and white reflective tapes, which makes your vehicle easily noticeable to other road users. It also gives them the ability to perceive the distance and closing rate easily. This decreases the risk of dangerous collisions.

Permissible colours on vehicle sides

For HV Visibility tape the Australia legislation based on ADR 13/00 is consistent with current lighting requirements on vehicles

Location on vehicle Recommended colour Allowable optional colours, but not recommended
Front White None
Side Yellow White
Rear Red Yellow

Full Contour for Maximum Visibility

We apply reflective safety tape very close to the edge of the vehicle to make a continuous line, which depicts the outline of the vehicle for maximum visibility to the road users. This method is preferred in the case of retro-reflective graphics on the side of the truck.

Partial Contour

We apply a single reflective conspicuity tape along each side of the trailer and also on the rear body and make ‘L’ shape sections of 0.5 m long in each corner.

Single Stripe Reflective Tape For Limited Structure

We apply a single stripe reflective tape for vehicles that do not use retro-reflective logos or have the limited structure for tape application. In this case, a strip of trailer tape is used on each side of the vehicle, including the body and the rear portion.

We also provide truck reflective tape and trailer reflective tape for the front of the vehicle. We also have this option available for curtain sided vehicles. These Heavy Vehicle Visibility markings are recommended for vehicles that have Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) or Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) of more than 4.5 tonnes.

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